Justin, Justin, Matthew, Lukas, Spencer, and in the back Clement

A multiplayer game where a tribal witch doctor creates crops while troublesome goats aim to eat and destroy all the crops before the harvest. If you choose to be the witch doctor, you will use rituals and spells to ward off the goats and grow your village’s crops. If you and your friends decide to be the goats, you will work together to eat and destroy as many crops as you can before harvest. By the end of the lunar cycle, whoever has progressed the most wins the game. A homage to The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

Members of Dream Team

Justin Couchot

Executive Orphan and Co-Lead Programmer

Spencer Humphries

Refer to Cash and Co-Lead Programmer

Clement Tan

Regional VP of Clemency and Head Coordinator of Modelling and Development

Matthew Gallman

CEO of Crop Dusting Inc.

Charles D’Avignon

The Prince of SCAD

Cash McBeautiful


Chanel van Eeden

The Tempest and Sound Designer

Lukas Stemmler

Head of Potato and Co-Modeler

Justin Boon

Sweatshop Overlord and Co-Modeler

Ashley Gilliam

The Supreme and UI Designer

Banana Goatinszky

Official Catering Manager and Co-Sound Designer

The Executive Orphan working with the VP of Clemency